Our second project this year was a series of briefs set by the ISTD. Jenn Trethewey took on the 'Tweet Tweet' brief where the world of social networking was the key inspiration.

"I originally came up with the idea of creating a series of typefaces that would get clearer and clearer because I was looking at communication within social networking sites.  I thought that SN sites were progressing towards commercialism not better communication like I felt they should be, and perfect communication like a perfect type face should aim to eventually be pretty much invisible - or as obvious and simple as a face to face conversation.  So, I created six fonts to reflect this idea, using squares that decrease in size as a reference to the computer screen as the barrier that inhibits 'perfect' communication via social networking.  I called the fonts: 

When I was thinking about the context I wanted my typefaces to be used in, the meaning changed slightly.  I saw that the fonts could be used as a heirachy for information on social networking sites - what does the user want to be able to read clearly and what tweets/statuses/updates would they rather not see?  Everyone at some point whilst using social networking sites is bound to end up annoyed at someone in their live feed - perhaps an old school friend, work collegue or even parent, who whilst not only being annoying enough to notice if their friend count was depleated by one, are also impossible to ignore.  My typefaces allow you to deal with this inconvience by creating a heirachy of how important you SN contacts are to you.  This gives the user of any SN site the ability to control a post from a "friend" or group, of who they have no actual interest in how their child/pet/clubnight is going, so their type satisfying appears as nothing but black squares, it also means that the user's most important contacts would appear in the last, clearest typeface, immediately stand out and be easily read compared to the rest of the text."


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